About us

"Spectekhnika Group", was created in 2006 based on the "CB Spectekhnika" was 17.12.2004 in STI No. 46 in Moscow.

This Group of companies was created to solve various problems in the construction of Automated traffic management systems (asudd) in the cities of the Russian Federation and the CIS, to provide Specialized installation and operational enterprises (SMEP) products necessary for the construction and reconstruction of traffic light facilities, installation of peripheral means of traffic management.

Currently, the group of companies "Spectekhnika Group" is developing dynamically and successfully performs the following tasks:

  • introduces the latest technology and modern software and hardware solutions to create a full-fledged asudd in a single city, district, region or the whole region, with the ability to control the situation from anywhere in the world;
  • having own production of traffic lights, delivers technical means of the organization of traffic;
  • carries out deliveries of systems of video-fixing of violations of traffic regulations;
  • supplies equipment for the children's centres with the aim of teaching students the rules of the road;
  • supplies sports equipment for individuals and companies. One way to improve sales lately, it was recognized participation in regional tenders for the supply of funds in the construction and upgrading of ATMs and peripheral equipment. So, over the past years, tenders have been won in the cities of Tomsk, Armavir, Izhevsk, Voronezh, Krasnoyarsk region, the competition in St. Petersburg for the reconstruction of ASUD for a total of more than 45 million rubles, etc. the total revenue since the organization of the civil code amounted to more than 800 million rubles.
  • Special attention is paid to participation in competitions within the framework of the Federal target program "Improving road safety in 2006-2012"., where the GC is a direct and immediate participant. So, within its realization the equipment was delivered to Stavropol, Krasnodar, Izhevsk, Krasnoyarsk, Belgorod, Voronezh. In the near future, the main activity will be the development of these activities with the prospects of participation in the state target and regional programs of the organization and improvement of road safety.

6 reasons to contact us

1. Our group of companies has long been on the market, has its own history and achievements. Experts recommend to beware of companies - "one-day", as in the event of any malfunctions or warranty repairs, you can simply not find them.

2. The presented equipment and systems meet all the requirements of the legal framework of the Russian Federation, have been certified in specialized Federal certification centers, meet the state sanitary and epidemiological rules and regulations;

3. The special Equipment group is a member of the Federal target programs, in particular the Federal target program "Improving road safety in 2006-2012." the first days of the program.

4. 80% of the contracts are municipal and state contracts.

5. The companies included in the group of special Equipment are manufacturers of some supplied goods.

6. The extended functionality of the supplied systems and equipment, the competence of their use, active technical support, the expressed economic effect of the use of systems allows customers who once applied to the company to stay with us for years.


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